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Our tile and grout cleaning process is somewhat similar to our carpet care process—we blast your tile and grout with 240º cleaning solution at 1,300 PSI and vacuum it away, along with years of dirt. Since the cleaning solution is vacuumed away so quickly, there is never damage to your cabinets or appliances. The process is safe for your tile and grout.

Understanding the difference between how to clean stone tile (like travertine, slate or marble) is crucial to the cleaning process. When cleaning ceramic, you can use an acid because porcelain is impervious to acid and can’t be harmed. Stone is very porous, and acid can cause crackle. When acid is used on porcelain tile, it must be neutralized, or it will cause pitting in your grout over time. With stone, we use a high alkaline cleaner that won’t harm the stone or cause cracking or pitting.

Grout is made of mostly sand, cement and a little coloring. Grout naturally collects dirt, and it can also absorb stains, especially if it’s not sealed. So after we’re done cleaning your tile and grout, we highly recommend applying a sealer to keep it looking cleaner longer. You can do this process yourself if you want, but please ask us what type of sealer to use because you can mess up your tile if you use the wrong type of sealer. We carry the appropriate sealer for all types of tile and have years of experience, so we can take care of this for you as well.

We recommend getting your tile and grout professionally cleaned every 2-3 years.