IoT Technology at Work

The Keep It Clean America hand sanitizer is an IoT device, meaning it utilizes internet connectivity to update and share information via onboard sensors and hardware which allows it to be accessed remotely. The system senses people in its proximity and tabulates hand sanitizer usage for a more comprehensive understanding of sanitary effectiveness in the environment.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser in the Hotel Entrance

Take greater control over disease and bacteria infection control process with the Keep it Clean America hand sanitizer system.

Product Monitoring

Each system is equipped with two separate one-gallon containers of hand sanitizer and is built with advanced software that monitors usage on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The system also provides clients with customized usage reports.

Automatic alerts notify customers when solution is low, making sure you never run out of product.

Usage Surveillance

Red means stop, green means go – a visual indication of our commitment to keep everyone safer. This simple visual signals users to sanitize before entry.

The LED system automatically sensors passerby’s and lights up RED upon entry and flashes GREEN when motioned to dispense sanitizer.

No matter your industry our system can assist with preventing disease and germs.

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