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upholstery cleaning Roseville

Make Your Furniture Shine with the Best Upholstery Cleaning in Town

Upholstery cleaning and care is a little trickier than carpet cleaning or tile and grout – the approach is different depending on what we’re cleaning.

That said, we’ve seen every type of couch, ottoman and cat tree that exists, and we’ve cleaned them all. Again, we use a 240º steam cleaning method that vacuums away the natural cleaning solution quickly before it seeps into your upholstery.

Unless your furniture is covered in plastic, you really don’t want any liquid on it. Applying a liquid solution to your upholstery also leaves behind a chemical residue, which you don’t definitely want.

The reason that Keep It Clean America’s steam cleaning process is so effective in removing dirt and stains is that the cleaning solution is first turned to steam before being applied to your upholstery.

upholstery cleaning Roseville

The Competition Can’t Clean Your Upholstery Like We Can

Other upholstery cleaning methods used by the competition may use a similar solution, but are quite less effective at removing the dirt we do. Because our liquid solution is applied as steam, it means less wetness in the cleaning process and less drying time for your furniture. Other upholstery cleaning methods that use a liquid directly on the fabric can cause a stain and may actually just push the dirt deeper into the fabric and take a longer time to dry. These chemicals may also have an odor and/or can trigger an allergic reaction for some people.

Make sure to ask us about scotch guarding your furniture, which will help keep it clean longer. This improves resistance to dry soil, water-based stains, and daily wear and tear. Upholstery cleaning is more of an ‘as needed’ service for most people, so give us a call every 2-3 years or let’s set up a scheduled maintenance plan to alleviate any worries! Reach out by clicking the button below!

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