Helpful Carpet Cleaning Tips



Carpet cleaning is the process of removing dirt, dust, stains and odor from carpets. Regularly cleaned carpets last longer than those that are not cleaned regularly. There are various methods of carpet cleaning depending on the type of carpet that you have:


Carpet Cleaning Methods

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is a cleaning technique where a dry compound with very low moisture is used for cleaning. This method is popular because the carpet will dry in a just a short span of time.


  • Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is a process that involves cleaning the top surface of the carpet using a heavy duty motorized spinning machine pad that has been socked with a cleaning solution that absorbs the foam from the carpet. It’s mainly used in hotels because the carpet dries quickly compared to other methods.


  • Encapsulation

Encapsulation is a cleaning process of using synthetic detergents that crystallize into powder foam when it dries and it removes dirt and stains. After it dries, it can be vacuumed or brushed, hence cleaning the carpet.


  • Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is a method of cleaning carpets using a high pressured hot water to agitate carpet fiber and dissolve dirt from the carpet when cleaning. It normally involves the application of washing detergent on the surface of the carpet, using a washing machine to clean the fabric, rinsing, and drying.


Carpet Cleaning Tips

Different types of carpets require different methods of cleaning depending on the material that the carpet is made of. Here are some carpet cleaning tips to help you clean and maintain your carpet properly.

  • Identify the type of carpet.

Different carpets require different techniques and methods of cleaning. Before cleaning any carpet, one has to identify the material the carpet is made from. Carpets made of wool require professional cleaning because they are delicate. This, they require special cleaning methods. After identifying the material, choose the most suitable cleaning method for your carpet.

  • Invest in a floor mat.

Place a floor mat on your doorway to minimize the dirt on your carpet. Also, clean your floor mat regularly so that the dirt will not accumulate on the fabric. Dirty floor mats only bring more dirt and dust on your carpet if they are left uncleaned.



  • Use a good stain remover.

Some stain removers tend to ruin and spoil the fabric of the carpet. Stain removers such as white vinegar, club soda and baking powder are the most common stain removers used at homes for carpet cleaning. They help easily remove the stains from the carpet. For tough stains, seek help from an expert carpet cleaning team to get professional assistance.


  • Don’t rub or scrub.

Rubbing and scrubbing of stains on the carpet tend to spread the stain to a wider area, hence creating another problem such as discoloration and damaging the fiber. Pat the stain from the outer edge towards the centre to avoid spreading the stain.


  • Avoid using excessive water and let the fabric dry thoroughly.

Use less water to enable the carpet to dry quickly. This is because molds can grow on wet carpets and start producing odors and smell in the house. After washing the carpet, make sure that the carpet dries thoroughly so as to avoid molds from growing.


  • Use vacuum.

Vacuum cleaning not only keeps the carpet looking clean, but it also removes unseen dust and dirt from the carpet. This helps in reducing dust accumulation that may damage the carpet fibers. Also, it reduces dirt accumulation that may lead to growth of molds which may cause foul odors in the house.


  • If necessary, seek help from professional cleaning teams.

Getting professional cleaning services helps lengthen the life span of your carpet.  Professional cleaners use modern carpet cleaning methods and high-tech cleaning machines, so they are guaranteed to give you excellent carpet cleaning services. Most carpet cleaning services even involve polishing the fabric of the carpet, leaving the material looking good as new.


Regular cleaning of the carpet is important because it reduces the accumulation of dirt and dust, mold growth, and odor in the house. It also increases the life span of the carpet and keeps it looking beautiful.

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